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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

22° Mostly Cloudy , Precipitation: 14% , Wind: 13 mph W

How Many Deer Seen? Buck: 0   Doe: 0

3:38 PM - Heltonville, IN

Been a rough hunt so far. Saw no deer sat/sun . Saw few yesterday but none in range. Buddy took a doe sat. Missed a big bodied 6 this morning. Other buddy shot at 2 last night missed em both . Snows nice but damn cold with13mph winds.

hang in there. it will happen!
Elkbuck elkbuck Elkbuck elkbuck says...
happens to all of us. your time will come!
John Hendrickson John H John Hendrickson John H says...
yep. the wind is tough, but standing corn/acorns make equally tough
G sauce  Gus G sauce Gus says...

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