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Sunday, October 26, 2014

51° Sunny , Precipitation: 0% , Wind: 3 mph NE

How Many Deer Seen? Buck: 0   Doe: 0

5:47 PM - La Porte, IN

For whatever reason the app. has not been saving my logs so I'm missing about ten. Have seen nine bucks and passed three. No shooters. Three were 2 1/2. Been hunting mostly with the recurve and stone points. Might consider a 2 1/2 given the right opportunity. Hunting a new stand in Ruth's south property line. Just put up yesterday and beans just got picked two hours ago. Doe already our.

looks like a great spot!!
John Hendrickson John H John Hendrickson John H says...
thx. Any luck yet this year?
Troy McIntyre (AAA) Toymites Troy McIntyre (AAA) Toymites says...
I've used this app for 3 yrs, it's always been quirky at best, sent notes to the developer but they never respond
Jeff Adams jeff32 Jeff Adams jeff32 says...
Haven't been able to post to public since this log. It won't even ask if I want to make public. Then about once a week will clear the data after asking if it can use tis position. Shot a narrow heavy 6x4 Sunday morning.
Elkbuck elkbuck Elkbuck elkbuck says...

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