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Monday, November 9, 2015

42° Sunny , Precipitation: 1% , Wind: 6 mph SE

How Many Deer Seen? Buck: 0   Doe: 0

7:29 AM - Chikaming, MI

Spent the whole weekend morning until dark covering 25 miles on foot and still can't figure out how a liver/gut shot deer wouldn't be where I last saw him walking slowly with his head down. Hopefully one of the neighbors will find him. I am sick.

hate to hear that, lost my big 14 last year the Same way, would have been my biggest to date!
Jared j Jared j says...
I would be sick too. this is the first I haven't hunted in 40 years, had my knee replaced this week, the best time to hunt. always next year!!!! again I feel for ya not finding that nice buck.
John Hendrickson John H John Hendrickson John H says...
thanks guys
Elkbuck elkbuck Elkbuck elkbuck says...

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